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This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" products - so easy, so appropriate - works with different size waste cans

- Kathleen Bishop

The trash bag cinch really does keep the bag from going down into the garbage/waste basket. The scent is great. I will continue to buy and use these.

- Phyllis Woitalla

This product is a simple way to hold garbage bags in place and control the odors that sometimes come with trash.

- Brenda Manning

Without a doubt, this is one of the best products to hit the market in years! My garbage bags stay put, and the fragrance lasts. I wonder why it took so long to come up with such a great idea?!

- Susan Truttmann

The ease of use is outstanding: stick to your trash can, slip your bag through the 'cinch hole' and that's it. The lemon scent is delicious. Every time you walk by a clean scent reaches your nose. Someone should have thought of this years ago. Thank you!

- Marcia Slominski

It's simple, but effective and I love the lemony smell!

- Janice E. Duran

Well engineered for ease of use, not only does this product hold a garbage bag securely, it releases easily and helps the area around it not to reek of garbage! A winner!!

- Judi Sparks

As a person that has worked in restaurants for 15 years, I've tied thousands of trash bags. This is so simple and effective, I'll never have to tie a bag at home again! Great product and a great value.

- John Trolli

The Trash Bag Cinch does a great job of holding the trash bag securely in place so the bag won't slip in to the container, also there is a slight citrus aroma from the disc. I used to use a super size rubber band to hold the bag in place, but the rubber band only lasted a few times before snapping. I like this concept a lot better.

- Dawn Hayes-Harkins

The product was very easy to install and didn't take but a minute or two. Instructions are easy to follow. The disc was easy to change and it holds the trash bag very well. I would recommend this highly.

- Brenda Montgomery

Easy to use, will fit on any garbage can, holds bag nicely in place. I am going to look for more refills because this is a good product, and I will use it all the time. The scent is wonderful.

- Victoria Scott

I recommend this product because it is very easy to use and works well. It keeps the bag in place, which I was always having problems with. The smell is nice as well, not overpowering.

- Amy Thorp

It functioned as advertised. I use plastic grocery bags to line small wastebaskets and it worked really well on these.

- Joan Gresham

I like this product because it was easy to use on garbage cans to keep trash bags tightly cinched. Wonderful. I like the subtle fragrance of the lemon discs. The smell was not over-powering like so many are. This was perfect for my wooden trash container that has a tendency to give off odors from the slightest things that are added to the container.

- Rita Mielke

It is so easy to use and has a pleasant fragrance plus keeps your bag from slipping. I even put it on my cat's litter box. I plan to buy more for all my trash cans.

- Wanda Sue Knuckles

My garbage bags were always falling inside the can, but now they stay in place. I didn't like having to dig down to find the bag. Hooking them in the slot is so easy and it stays.

- Patricia Hayrynen

This is a clever idea that should have been on the market years ago. It has a pleasant scent and tightly grasps the bag.

- Cheryl Elisar

The application is a snap. It's nice to open the cabinet under the sink where I put my garbage, and not smell the garbage but a "clean scent of lemon" ... kudos to you! I am going to recommend this to my friends and family.

- Lila Downey

The product is very easy to use; I like the way it holds bags tight, and the scent is very pleasant. Just keep it on the market; very good product.

- Karen E. Herring

This is a unique product that would replace the need to buy expensive scented garbage bags. Easy to use with a fresh, clean scent. One Cinch lasted quite a bit longer than recommended.

- Rebecca Reed

I liked the way it gives off a subtle, fresh scent in the vicinity of the garbage can. It was also good to use on the trash can I have in my bedroom because it is smaller than my kitchen can, but I still use full sized kitchen bags in it. Now I don't have to worry about the bags not fitting properly.

- Heather Figura

This product is great, it has 2 excellent reasons to use it. The lemon fresh scent fills the room but is not over powering. And it holds the bag from falling down in the trash can.

- Rachel Davis

It is such a simple idea and it holds the bags perfectly

- Berta M Lowrey

I would recommend this item to anyone. The fresh lemon scent just keeps on going. It really makes the entire room smell great and it does keep the bag from falling into the garbage can. It makes the appearance nicer also, your bag isn't just hanging there it's put up nice and neat.

- Lisa Reid

It is so nice not having to dig and find the edge of your bag, I will purchase one for every trash can I have including the office.

- Sherry Pullin

This idea is great, and I used it on my bathroom garbage can. It holds the bag tightly but I had no problems when I wanted to remove the bag. The lemon scent is a little strong at first, but mellows out to a nice light fragrance.

- Susan Holmen

I like the way it holds the bag in place especially when I clean out the cat litter box no more worries about the bag slipping back into the trash can. The lemon scent is very refreshing and gives you a spring day feeling.

- Marian Riefner

This product not only has a pleasant smell, it was easy to use and easy to refill. This will save my garbage can from those messy accidents. One foolproof step to operate.

- Tony Kiss-Illes

This is a great product to use so that you do not have to dig the edges of your trash bag out of the inside of the trash can. I even dumped cat litter into the bag and the cinch held tight and the bag did not fall in. I love this product. I will definitely continue to use this product.

- Cassey Reese

I would recommend this product because it kills the odor of a smelly garbage can into a lemon scent that does not gag you, and the product is small but still does what it is supposed to do.

- Bonnie Parlow

It's great to not have the sack fall in and get all dirty when you have to pull it up and get it all over the floor. The smell of lemons is clean and it holds the bag very well.

- Gurine Bonen

The product is easy to use. Since I store my trash under the sink it keeps the whole area smelling good.

- Elizabeth Moore

I never realized such a product existed. It worked wonderfully on my kitchen can - the bag stayed in place and the scent was very pleasing. I would unequivocally recommend this product. The price was a pleasant surprise - I would have expected it to cost more. I highly recommend it.

- Helen Hagerman

It is effective and saves me having to tie a knot in the bag to make it stay in the trash can. It also has a pleasant, not over powering smell.

- James D. Luker

What a great idea using this product to hold the bags - no more slipping of the bags. The air freshening discs on holder reminds me of summer!! Now That I have tried this I will tell everyone about your product and I'm sure they will buy it.

- Janet McBroom

I found this product to be effective because I was able to use a large kitchen trash bag in my smaller laundry room waste paper basket I attached the trash bag cinch to the container, put the end of the large back through the cinch, and the trash bag then fit snugly around the top of the basket. The lemony scent is nice but very mild. The installation was very simple, and the refill process was quick.

- Barbara Conover

This product has to be the best idea yet, what a godsend - no more trash bag cave ins!

- Margaret Goossen

I was skeptical at first thinking it would be difficult to remove the bag and that the bag would tear or rip. I couldn't have been more wrong. Quick and easy to use both installing and removing the bags. I really like the subtle lemon scent. I keep my kitchen trash under the sink. The lemon scent helps to keep the cupboard fresh smelling.

- Wendy Graef

Easy to use. Kept the trash bag in place even when very full. Worked much better then using a band around the top of the trash can.

- Karen Rizzolo

Really love this product - it totally solves the cave-in issue, I have used it for two weeks without fail. Being the one who takes out the garbage, I am thrilled that garbage is no longer falling to the side of the bag and the bottom of the can.

- Alyssa Watkins

I would recommend this product to everyone. Our trash is in a small utility closet that I have been battling negative odors in. Once I instaled this product the negative odor was gone. It's actually refreshing to open the closet.

- Jana Davy

I would recommend this product to my family and friends. I have struggled with having my garbage bags fall into the garbage can for years, but the Trash Bag Cinch fixed that for me.

- Claudia Hill

Keeps the trash basket under my kitchen sink smelling fresh - odor not too strong, very pleasant. I'm very happy with this product.

- Patricia Gilmore

I would recommend this product to anyone, It's so simple to set up and it does't take up a lot of space. I just love it!!!

- Sandra Santorelli

I cook with a lot of fresh vegetables, and the peelings and cores may sit in my Kitchen garbage can for a couple of days - by then the odor is very strong (especially with onion peels). The scent from the Trash Bag Cinch gets rid of the awful odors. I will continue to use them as a household staple. Thanks!!

- Beebe Etheredge

Since I use plastic grocery bags in my trash can, this product does a good job of keeping them from sliding into the can. The lemon scent is subtle enough to not be overpowering while keeping the can fresh smelling. It is extremely easy to use.

- Ina Johnson

It is truly a wonderful product for your trash can, if it is under the sink, when you open the cabinet the sent is wonderful.

- Carol Meyer

I no longer worry about dumping heavy garbage into an empty garbage can, fearing the whole sack would slide down in. It stays put!

- Val Jones

I had company for a week and this worked wonderfully! No garbage odor at all and it held the bag in place without slipping down the container. Great product!

- Martha Waszczak